Economy publications

Is some of our economic “irrationality” a uniquely human adaptation?

Post-structuralist perspectives

  • Foreclosing the future - Examining 20 years of the World Bank's environmental performance, by Bruce Rich, 2013
  • The fatal flaw of neoliberalism: it's bad economics, Dani Rodrik, Boston Review, November 2017 – Neoliberalism and its usual prescriptions – always more markets, always less government – are in fact a perversion of mainstream economics.
  • The Death of Homo Economicus review – why does capitalism still exist?, Steven Poole, Guardian, September 2017 – A polemic that calls for a de-privatisation of the public sphere and a fellowship of the precarious.
  • A Neo-Liberal's Manifesto, Washington Post, Charles Peters, September 1982 – While we are united by a different spirit and a different style of thought, none of these people should be held responsible for all of what follows. Practicing politicians in particular should be presumed innocent of the more controversial positions. When I use the first person plural, it usually means some but not all of us, and occasionally it may mean just me.