The only thing missing is the tumbleweed

The picture was adapted from a picture by Mike LoCascio.

In the last two years “community services” have been disappearing in Plouray: the bank office closed, the doctor left town, one of the two local shops closed, the bank machine was removed, and rumours has it that the pharmacy will close down as well. And that while the population consists mostly of elderly.

One of the problems people face is that the littlest things can be far. Explicitly mentioned were knife sharpening, copying keys and shoe repairs. Those things are supposed be simple.

Several people tried doing those as a business. I found them on the internet. Further research showed they were out of business. As a result there aren’t many locations where one can copy a key or have tools sharpened. It is cheap when it is found, for example in an Intermarché or Leclerc in a larger village or city, and can be combined with doing shopping, but add the additional petrol for doing ones shopping further away, and having to wait until the sharpening is done (maybe there is a chair, maybe not), it is not very convenient, especially for the elderly.

Ty Myrddin does not need to survive on sharpening tools and gladly will develop and provide this service (for free of course) to people in the environment. We will have a tip jar, so tool maintenance for providing this service can be covered.